2014 Colombia Key Figures
Population: 49.0 million
GDP growth rate: 4.55 %/year
Energy independence: 100%
Total consumption/GDP:* 80.5 (2005=100)
CO2 Emissions: 1.48 tCO2/capita
Rate of T&D power losses: 12.3%
* at purchasing power parity
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Total Energy consumption

Per capita consumption is around 0.67 toe and 1 130 kWh of electricity (2014).

Total energy consumption has increased by 2.3%/year since 2003. It reached 33 Mtoe in 2014.



Colombia energy report

 Total energy consumption

Crude oil production

Since 2008 production has increased at the very rapid pace of 9%/year thanks to greater investments in the sector (51 Mt in 2014). After having strongly increased until 1999 when it reached 42 Mt (+7%/year, on average), the country's oil production declined until 2004 and remained stable until...

 Crude oil production

Renewable in % electricity production

In 2014 Colombia passed a law aimed at encouraging the penetration of renewable energies. A 2015 decree introduced tax incentives as of February 2016 for all new non-conventional power plant projects. According to the decree, projects using renewable energy sources will enjoy four tax breaks,...

 Share of renewables in electricity production (incl hydro)

CO2 fuel combustion/CO2 emissions

According to its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC), Colombia has pledged to cut GHG emissions by at least 20% by 2030, a target that could be raised to 25% or 30%, if it receives financial backing from the international community to speed up some of its carbon reduction...

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