2016 Gabon Key Figures
Population: 1.98 million
GDP growth rate: 2.26 %/year
Energy independence: 100%
Total consumption/GDP:* 104 (2005=100)
CO2 Emissions: 1.95 tCO2/capita
Rate of T&D power losses: 20.8%
* at purchasing power parity
Gabon Related Research

Total Energy consumption

Energy consumption per capita is around 2.9 toe, including 1 150 kWh of electricity (2016).


Total consumption has increased strongly since 2002 (8%/year), amounting to 5.8 Mtoe in 2016. Biomass (wood, waste) covers about 74% of the country's needs, followed by oil (19%), gas (5%) and hydroelectricity (2%).

Graph: ...

Gabon energy report

 Total energy consumption

Crude oil production

Oil production has remained roughly stable since 2006 at around 11-12 Mt (11 Mt in 2016); it had decreased by 22% between 1997 and 2002, from around 18 Mt to 14 Mt. That decrease was mainly due to the falling production of main fields and the decline of reserves. In 2016, Gabon cut its production by 9,000 barrels a day due to an OPEC agreement to limit the production of almost all OPEC ...

EMEA Refineries Dataset

 Crude oil production

CO2 fuel combustion/CO2 emissions

In 2015, Gabon submitted its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) with the commitment to reduce its GHG emissions by up to 50% by 2025 as compared to a BAU scenario (including subsectors from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF)). This is equivalent to 3% above 2000 levels across all covered sectors, or a 72% increase if LULUCF emissions are excluded.

CO2 ...

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