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EU Households Light Fuel Oil Historical Energy Prices

End-user historical energy prices from 1995 until 2018 for 26 European countries.

Update: March, 2019
Format: Excel
Delivery: Immediate by e-mail


Receive an instant e-mail benchmarking 26 European countries from 1995 until 2018. Prices are annual (in Euros) including tax and are presented both in physical and energy units.

End-user prices are available in Euros including taxes. Prices are given in 2 units: the physical unit and the energy unit (€/tep PCI). A detailed overview is given below.

CountryPhysical unitReference unitAvailability
Austria€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Belgium€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Czech Republic€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Denmark€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Estonia€/kl€/toe NCV2000-2018
Finland€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
France€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Germany€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Greece€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Hungary€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Ireland€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Italy€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Latvia€/kl€/toe NCV2004-2018
Lithuania€/kl€/toe NCV2004-2018
Luxembourg€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Norway€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Poland€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Portugal€/kl€/toe NCV2000-2018
Slovakia€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2007
Slovenia€/kl€/toe NCV2004-2018
Spain€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Sweden€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Switzerland€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
The Netherlands€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
Turkey€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018
United Kingdom€/kl€/toe NCV1995-2018

Service benefits
  • Prices available for 26 European countries
  • End-users prices (including taxes)
  • Annual data from 1995 until 2018
  • Prices in physical units and in reference unit (€/toe)
Why use this service?
  • Follow price evolution by energy and by country
  • Benchmark price levels between all European countries in a snapshot

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