Energy Prices Specifications

Prices series are estimated as the average of available quarterly prices for each year.

Data series Details
Premium gasolineUnleaded premium gasoline (95 RON) prices including taxes
DieselDiesel prices including taxes in national currency: corresponds to the price of diesel for users including taxes
Diesel (commercial use)Diesel prices excluding VAT in national currency (but including other taxes for commercial uses)
Natural gas industryPrices including taxes in €c/kWh GCV (Gross Calorific Value)
Natural gas residentialPrices including taxes in €c/kWh GCV (Gross Calorific Value)
Unit of reference (toe NCV) Price including taxes in €/toe NCV; corresponds to the prices in € in physical unit for 1 toe NCV (for gas NCV = 0.9 GCV; for electricity: 1 MWh = 0.086 toe NCV)

Unit Definition
€/l euro per liter
€c/kWh euro cents per kilowatt hour
€/t euro per tons
€/kl euro per thousand liters
€/toe NCV euro per tons of oil equivalent, at Net Calorific Value

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