2018 Hong-Kong Key Figures
Population: 7.45 million
GDP growth rate: 3.02 %/year
Energy independence: 1.12%
Total consumption/GDP:* 74.4 (2015=100)
CO2 Emissions: 5.88 tCO2/capita
Rate of T&D power losses: 3.79%
* at purchasing power parity
Hong-Kong Related Research

Total Energy consumption

Total per capita energy consumption is about 1.9 toe (2018). Per capita electricity consumption is about 5 900 kWh.

Total energy consumption has been relatively stable since 2007, at around 14 Mtoe.

Coal covers 46% of the country's total energy consumption, oil 27%, gas 18%, and electricity 7% (2018). The share of coal has been increasing since 2000 (from 27%) at the expense of ...

Hong-Kong energy report

 Total energy consumption

Crude oil production

All of the country's oil products are imported from mainland China.

Asia Refineries Dataset

 Crude oil production

Renewable in % electricity production

The government has allocated up to HK$1bn (US$128m) in funding for applicable renewable energy installations and has provided a tax incentive that allows for the capital expenditure on renewables and energy efficient building installations to be fully deducted in the first year of purchase (instead of over five years), starting from financial year 2018-19.

In August 2018, ENB launched ...

 Share of renewables in electricity production (incl hydro)

CO2 fuel combustion/CO2 emissions

Between 1990 and 2014, GHG emissions increased by 30%; they decreased by 10% between 2014 and 2017. In 2017 they stood at 15% above their 1990 level.

As a part of China, Hong Kong is obliged to play a part to fulfil China's NDC target, which is to reduce CO2 intensity to GDP by 60% to 65% by 2030 as compared to 2005. According to the "Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015", Hong Kong ...

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