2012 Pakistan Key Figures
Population: 180 million
GDP growth rate: 3.68 %/year
Energy independence: 78.4%
Total consumption/GDP:* 86.1 (2005=100)
CO2 Emissions: 0.74 tCO2/capita
Rate of T&D power losses: 17.4%
* at purchasing power parity
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Total Energy consumption

Per capita consumption is about 0.5 toe, including 400 kWh/inhabitant of electricity.

The country's overall consumption has increased by 3.2%/year since 1990, and in 2011 reached 86 Mtoe. Biomass accounted for 41% of overall consumption, gas for 29%, oil for 16%, electricity for 9% and...

Pakistan energy report

 Total energy consumption

Crude oil production

Oil production has decreased slightly since 2007 (3.2 Mt in 2012). After falling nearly 16% between 1991 and 1995, it increased by 3%/year between 1995 and 2007, to 3.8 Mt. Production supplies just 20% of the country's needs; the remainder is supplied by imports.

The country has a...

Asia Refineries Dataset

 Crude oil production

Renewable in % electricity production

AEDB, the Alternative Energy Development Board, is the Commission in charge of promoting the development of renewables, a task it took on in 2003 . The national objective is for renewables to account for 10% of the country's primary production by 2015. For 2030...

 Share of renewables in electricity production (incl hydro)
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