2013 Pakistan Key Figures
Population: 182 million
GDP growth rate: 6.07 %/year
Energy independence: 74.7%
Total consumption/GDP:* 84.6 (2005=100)
CO2 Emissions: 0.76 tCO2/capita
Rate of T&D power losses: 17.6%
* at purchasing power parity
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Total Energy consumption

Per capita consumption is about 0.5 toe, including 420 kWh/inhabitant of electricity.

The country's overall consumption has increased significantly since 1990 (3.2%/year). However, since 2008 the growth rate has been just 1%. In 2013, total consumption reached 86.5 Mtoe. Biomass accounted...

Pakistan energy report

 Total energy consumption

Crude oil production

Oil production is low and has decreased slightly since 2007 (3.8 Mt in 2013). After falling nearly 16% between 1991 and 1995, it increased by 3%/year between 1995 and 2007, to 3.8 Mt. Production supplies just 20% of the country's needs; the remainder is supplied by imports.

In 2013,...

Asia Refineries Dataset

 Crude oil production

Renewable in % electricity production

Under the framework of the Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) Policy of 2011, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) set an alternative and renewable energy target of at least 5% in the total commercial energy supplies by 2030.

The Alternative Energy Development Board (...

 Share of renewables in electricity production (incl hydro)
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