Asian Renewable Energy Report

Asian Renewable Energy Report
Update: March, 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 54
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The report focuses on the different renewable energies for each country in Asia and Pacific.
It covers the different support schemes used to promote renewable energy in for major sources of renewable energy: hydroelectricity, wind, solar, liquid biofuels for transportation, geothermal and oceanic sources (wave, tidal and thermal).

Report scope:

The Asian Renewable Energy Report contains the following key topics:

  • Asia-wide overview of support schemes to promote renewable energy in power generation and transportation
  • Historical data showing the evolution of feed-in tariffs and quotas
  • Detailed tables by capacity and technology
  • In-depth country analysis covering policy schemes on wind & solar energy, biomass, biogas, geothermal and hydropower
  • National and Asian renewable energy targets
  • All data is in US$ to allow cross-country comparison

Report methodology:

This report was put together by our team of policy experts from a range of premium primary & secondary sources including government bodies, regulators, agencies, industry operators and transversal databases.

Report audience:

  • Power equipment manufacturers: To monitor policies that will affect their business
  • Policy makers: To benchmark measures in other countries
  • Power companies: To assess potential business throughout Europe

Please find screenshots below of our Asian Renewable Energy Report.

Renewable Energy Support Policies in Asia - Overview Renewable Energy Support Policies in Asia - Overview 2

Renewable Energy Support Policies in Asia - Australia Renewable Energy Support Policies in Asia - Australia 2

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